I am administrator on Swedish Wiktionary [1], and I run a bot there [2] performing multible tasks. I am also sporadically active on English Wiktionary [3] and I have also a registered bot account there [4] but at the moment I am not performing any tasks there. Alison (same as Ali-oops on enwikt?) asked me to come here to run some bot tasks. So I registered an account here to get to know more about in what ways I might be able to assist regarding bot tasks. I don't know a single word of Irish, so please communicate with me in English. I normally check my user talk page on Swedish Wiktionary several times a day, while other talk pages may wait long between the visits. Please send me an e-mail to speed up the response time as I don't check in here as often as I check my mail.

Teimpléad:Úsáideoir sv

en-2 This user is able to contribute with an intermediate level of English.