Fáile romhat, Fheochadáin! Great to see that you've leapt in and created a new entry. Unfortunately, it's not in the format we use here. If fact it looks more like an entry in the English Wiktionary. All definitions here must be in Irish. If you can only put in an English definition, put it in a HTML comment (<!-- comment-text-here -->) so that it doesn't appear when the page is viewed.

If you start by doing a search on a word (that doesn't already exist) you should come to a page that will have options to create a new entry based on a template.

You can get info about the page layout at Vicífhoclóir:Leagan_amach.

Any questions, just ask. I haven't been very active here for a while, but I'm happy to help.

Cheers ☸ Moilleadóir 07:28, 5 Iúil 2010 (UTC)